PUSTULKA is a web-based testing application for foreign languages.

It will help you assign tests for your students on computers and mobile devices.

Here you can quickly create various types of exercises:

  • gapped/cloze texts
  • multiple choice
  • drop-down lists
  • checkbox lists
  • short and long answers

To see how, watch the tutorials below.

A sample test code is 90030


 How to transfer exercises from Word to Pustulka


 Jak stworzyć cloze test (gaps)

 Jak stworzyć drop-down list

 Jak stworzyć short or long answer

 Jak stworzyć checkbox list

 How to create short answers, bolding, underlining, numbers

 How to create drop-down list and multiple choice exercises

 How to create cloze/gapped text

 How to create a checkbox list exercise

 How to create true/false

 How to bold, underline, italicise and number text

 How to create and assign/run a test

 How to give a test to students

 How to grade a test and add additional points

Trial Account

To start using PUSTULKA create your free trial account.


One month:  PLN 10/€ 3 (+VAT)
One year:  PLN 120/€ 30 (+VAT)