Test yourself

Fill in the missing prepositions.

1.  They fell (1 p.) arrears with their rent.

2.  The government has agreed to pay all arrears owed (1 p.) members of the armed forces.

3.  The country had accumulated arrears (1 p.) $80 million (1 p.) loans of $400 million.

4.  She is struggling to pay (1 p.) her mortgage arrears.

5.  The local authority must try to recover arrears (1 p.) rent.

6.  By this time the arrears amounted (1 p.) £12,000.

7.  She was six months in arrears (1 p.) the mortgage.

8.  There have been sharp increases in arrears (1 p.) interest payments.

9.  The Johnsons were given two weeks to pay off mortgage arrears (1 p.) £8,000.

10.  When will France pay its arrears (1 p.) the U.N.?

11.  Payment will be made (1 p.) arrears every four weeks or quarterly, whichever you prefer.

12.  He was ordered to pay rent arrears (1 p.) £550.

13.  221,900 mortgages were more than six months (1 p.) arrears.

14.  You will be paid monthly (1 p.) arrears.