Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with one word or prepositions to form collocations with the word BUDGET. When you finish check the alternative answers to learn more natural collocations.

1.  The organization (1 p.) a large annual budget.

2.  The Commission has to (1 p.) a limited budget to a high number of qualified

3.  The council has to (1 p.) its budget for next year.

4.  The school has a struggle to (1 p.) its budget.

5.  Work out a weekly budget and (1 p.) to it.

6.  Is there any money left (1 p.) the budget?

7.  Costs have been held (1 p.) budget.

8.  All his projects are on time and (1 p.) budget.

9.  This hotel caters for people travelling (1 p.) a tight budget.

10.  The project is now well (1 p.) budget; it exceeds the budget.

11.  Here, you will get world class accommodation of deluxe hotels in Delhi (1 p.) the budget.

12.  The budget for next year has not yet been (1 p.) .