Test yourself

Fill in each of the gaps with one word. In one gap you should write two words.

1.  When a party to contract does not keep the agreements and promises made under the contract a (1 p.) of contract occurs.

2.  A contract killer is a (1 p.) , i.e. significant breach of the contract.

3.  A party that breaches a contract is called a (1 p.) party or a party in (1 p.) .

4.  A party that is harmed is called an (1 p.) party.

5.  Money awarded by a court as compensation is (1 p.) .

6.  Contractual damages are (1 p.) damages.

7.  A court order to stop doing something is a prohibitive (1 p.) .

8.  A court order compelling a party to perform contractual obligations is called a (1 p.) .

9.  Money awarded by court is known as a remedy at (1 p.) or (1 p.) remedy.

10.  Non-monetary damages are known as remedies in (1 p.) or (1 p.) remedies.

11.  When one party to contract does not perform their obligations, the other party may terminate i.e. (1 p.) the contract.

12.  When there was a defect in contract formation, e.g. (1 p.) influence or the subject matter of the contract was (1 p.) , the court may cancel or (1 p.) the contract.

13.  (1 p.) is returning the money, property and other benefits gained under the contract which has been nullified by court.