Test yourself

Words often confused

to rise/rose/risen means to go up, increase in number, amount or value, e.g. Prices rise.
to raise/raised means to increase sth. in number, amount or value, e.g. Government raises prices.
to arise/arose/arisen means to happen, appear, e.g. Problems arise.

Now choose the correct word

1.  I certainly won't (1 p.) any objection when you make your proposal.

2.  Our new forum member (1 p.) an interesting question means that there was somebody (our new forum member) who brought up the question.

3.  The university is working to (1 p.) the number of students from state schools.

4.  Inflation (1 p.) by 0.5 percent last year, the lowest increase since 1992.

5.  If you are in agreement with what Mr Jenkins has put to you, would you please (1 p.) your hand.

6.  This attack (1 p.) fears of increased violence against foreigners.

7.  In our last meeting an interesting dilemma (1 p.) whether to convene an EGM or not.

8.  The research budget (1 p.) from £175,000 in 1999 to £22.5 million in 2019.

9.  The country faces economic recession and (1 p.) unemployment.

10.  They are (1 p.) funds to help needy youngsters.

11.  Several important legal questions (1 p.) in the contract negotiations.

12.  All staff are expected to do some overtime, if the need (1 p.) .