Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the correct words.
taken; banned; won; against; enforce; found; ignore; fine; against; wage;

1.  He paid a (1 p.) of $300 and was released.

2.  Most fast-food chains pay their workers minimum (1 p.) .

3.  Are women discriminated (1 p.) simply because they are women?

4.  His school (1 p.) mobile phones around eighteen months ago.

5.  Duty of the police is to (1 p.) the law in general.

6.  Businesses are regularly (1 p.) to court for tax evasion.

7.  Rose was (1 p.) guilty of common assault and fined £10.

8.  During the pandemic, a lot of people remain sceptical and (1 p.) rules of sanitary regime.

9.  Decca (1 p.) the case and was awarded $44,000,000 in damages.

10.  All murder is, by definition, (1 p.) the law .