Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the words from the list.
notice; sort; infected; off; warning; purposes; lose; fortune; code; firm; advance;

1.  Before an employee is sacked, they must be given a written (1 p.) .

2.  John was using his company computer for private (1 p.) , got a virus and (1 p.) the whole system.

3.  It cost a (1 p.) to (1 p.) it all out.

4.  A law student’s dream is to work in an international law (1 p.) form the Magic Circle.

5.  The university official ceremonies' dress (1 p.) requires professors to wear gowns.

6.  When one of the teachers is (1 p.) sick, first we try to find a replacement.

7.  If we are late with this order, we might (1 p.) the whole contract.

8.  When you want some time off at work, you should arrange it well in (1 p.) .

9.  I am sorry to inform you about my absence at such a short (1 p.) .