Test yourself

Fill in the missing words in these sentences which contain expressions with time.

1.  All applications made (1 p.) time are guaranteed an audition.

2.  The meeting was scheduled for 10 am. I arrived (1 p.) time to buy coffee before the meeting.

3.  The negotiations wrapped up just (1 p.) time. (right before it was too late)

4.  Good etiquette includes arriving in (1 p.) time for all classes. (with no risk of being late)

5.  You can use social media in your (1 p.) time, not at work.

6.  It’s (1 p.) time you learnt how to write in plain English – your exam is this month!

7.  After the whole term of work online, I hope you guys enjoy some much deserved time (1 p.) .

8.  (1 p.) your time driving to our meeting; it is better to be safe than sorry.

9.  I will see if I can (1 p.) time to have two more individual classes during the week.

10.  I don’t think we will return to teaching on the premises soon but time will (1 p.) .

11.  Time is (1 p.) and people are advised not to waste it.

12.  To (1 p.) time we walked up the street to get some coffee.

13.  Service exceeded expectation, time (1 p.) time .

14.  The money was transferred just in the (1 p.) of time.

15.  Before the pandemic we had a (1 p.) of time each time we went to the theatre.