Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the missing words. Don’t write more than two words each time.

1.  If you want to study in the USA and become an American lawyer, you may need to (1 p.) a debt of about $200,000.

2.  A debt that is unlikely to be paid is (1 p.) debt.

3.  Without a job, he'll never clear his debts. It'll take months to (1 p.) all your debts.

4.  The firm (1 p.) on its debt and its assets were seized.

5.  She used her lottery winnings to pay off her (1 p.) debts.

6.  The company has (1 p.) its debt on the cutting edge machinery they own.

7.  Our country is among 20 most (1 p.) nations.

8.  Nearly half the students said they were (1 p.) debt.

9.  My current (1 p.) to Millennium Bank is $500.00.