Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the words that will form natural collocations with the word precedent. Use one word each time. Use the words from the list. Some of the words can be used more than once.
establishes; follow; referred; creates; distinguish; binding; provides; creates; sets; serve; overrule; establishes; sets; persuasive; provides; reverse;

1.  This landmark case (1 p.) an interesting precedent .

2.  Trial courts are required to (1 p.) precedent .

3.  The following examples are instructive and (1 p.) as precedents .

4.  These decisions are (1 p.) to as precedents .

5.  McReynolds was deeply concerned about the willingness of the majority to cast aside "stare decisis" and (1 p.) precedent .

6.  A judge in a higher court may choose to (1 p.) the original precedent made on appeal and then the appellate court (1 p.) a new precedent.

7.  If a judge wants to avoid a (1 p.) precedent, they can use factual differences in the case before the court to (1 p.) it from an existing precedent.

8.  Decisions of lower courts and foreign courts can be (1 p.) precedents, i.e. a judge is not obliged to follow it but can only use it for guidance.