Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the correct words from the list.
separate; severally; subject; remain; estate; course; incurred; jointly;
Liability of partners.

Every partner in a firm is liable (1 p.) with the other partners, and in Scotland (1 p.) also, for all debts and obligations of the firm (1 p.) while he is a partner; and after his death his (1 p.) is also severally liable in a due (1 p.) of administration for such debts and obligations, so far as they (1 p.) unsatisfied, but (1 p.) in England or Ireland to the prior payment of his (1 p.) debts.

If you need more practice, you could try:

1.  to define the most difficult words and phrases (e.g. severally, incurred, estate, due course, subject to) in plain English, and

2.  to redraft the whole section in plain English as if you were writing to a layperson who has no experience in legalese.