Test yourself

Read the following contract clause and choose the correct option to complete the gaps with the words given below. (TH S7)
financial; lease; terminate; accordance; certain; liquidated; majeure; fully; signing; rent; Lessee;

By (1 p.) this agreement, the Lessee and the Lessor have established a (1 p.) contract of 24 months. During the term of lease, except for the force (1 p.) or the Lessor’s reasons, the (1 p.) is required to pay the (1 p.) strictly in (1 p.) with the Contract. If the Lessee wants to (1 p.) the Contract early, it needs to pay a (1 p.) amount of (1 p.) damages. Please (1 p.) consider your real needs, (1 p.) status and other factors before signing this Contract.