Test yourself

Match the clause with its definition

(a) Entire Agreement

(b) Jurisdiction

(c) Severability

(d) Representations and Warranties

(e) Arbitration

(f) Waiver

(g) Indemnification

(h) Force Majeure

(i) Governing Law

(j) Amendments

(k) Non-competition

(l) Notices

(m) Assignment

(n) Language and Counterparts

(o) Non-solicitation

(p) ROT

(r) Non-disclosure

1.  States what is the original language of the agreement and that the parties don`t need to sign the same copy of an agreement (1 p.)

2.  States that an arbitration court will settle disputes (1 p.)

3.  Determines what nationality of court will settle disputes (1 p.)

4.  Deals with compensation for harm caused by activities or lack thereof of a party to the agreement (1 p.)

5.  Describes a way to change the agreement (1 p.)

6.  States which country law is applicable in settling disputes (1 p.)

7.  States that until certain conditions are met there will be no transfer or rights (1 p.)

8.  Forbids a party to the agreement from sharing some information (1 p.)

9.  Sets out what is a part of an agreement what is not (1 p.)

10.  States what to do in case when something beyond control of the parties happens (1 p.)

11.  Is about giving up rights (1 p.)

12.  Describes the way for the parties on how to receive notices (1 p.)

13.  Promises that parties make to each other (1 p.)

14.  States which, if any obligations can be transferred, or assigned to another party (1 p.)

15.  Forbids a party from “stealing” clients or employees after termination of an agreement (1 p.)

16.  States what to do when a part of an agreement is deemed invalid (1 p.)

17.  Forbids a party to work in a certain field in business after the termination of the agreement (1 p.)