Test yourself

Read the following contract clause and the choose the correct option to complete gaps (TH S7)
elapsed; accrue; interest; annum; regardless; acceleration; rate; bear; payable; applicable;

Default Interest Rate . So long as any Event of Default exists hereunder, (1 p.) of whether or not there has been an (1 p.) of the indebtedness evidenced hereby, and at all times after maturity of the indebtedness evidenced hereby (whether by acceleration or otherwise), interest shall (1 p.) on the outstanding principal balance of this Note at a rate per (1 p.) equal to ten percent (10%), per annum, or if such increased rate of interest may not be contracted for, charged, or collected under (1 p.) law, then at the maximum rate of interest, if any, which may be collected from Maker under applicable law (the “Default Interest Rate”), and such default (1 p.) shall be immediately due and (1 p.) . Default interest chargeable hereunder shall be calculated on the basis of three hundred sixty (360) day year for the actual number of days (1 p.) . Interest not paid when due with respect to any obligation evidenced hereby shall be added to the unpaid principal balance owing under this Note and shall thereafter (1 p.) interest at the same (1 p.) applicable to the unpaid principal balance of this Note.