Test yourself

Read the extract from a contract and choose the correct prepositions to complete the gaps. (TA S10)

Assignment (2 p.) Operator. Operator, (2 p.) its sole discretion, shall have the right (2 p.) assign this Agreement to any Affiliate of Operator or to any successor or assignee of Operator resulting (2 p.) any merger, consolidation or reorganization, or to another corporation which shall acquire all or substantially all (2 p.) the business and assets of Operator. Operator will give prompt notice (2 p.) Owner of any such assignment. Operator may, (2 p.) the consent of Owner not to be unreasonable delayed or withheld, assign this Agreement to any non- Affiliate. Except (2 p.) the case of an assignment to an Affiliate of Operator, Operator shall be released of all of its covenants and liabilities (2 p.) this Agreement, other than liabilities that have accrued prior (2 p.) the date of the delivery of notice to Owner.