Test yourself

Read the first of three clauses from the same contract and choose the correct fragment to complete the gaps. TA S12

Product Warranty . Except as provided in Section2(d) (2 p.) any ABCs, Supplier’s warranty obligations with respect to each Product are described in the Limited Product and Power Warranty that corresponds to each Product and is attached as Exhibit D (the “Product Warranty”). The Product Warranty shall apply to Products supplied under this Agreement, and Supplier (2 p.) to Customer that the Products

(i) will be new (when first delivered),

(ii) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship,

(iii) will be manufactured and delivered in compliance with all (2 p.) ,

(iv) will not be the subject of any so-called anti-dumping duties or countervailing duties if imported into the United States, and

(v) will conform in all respects to the Product Specifications.

Modifications or additions to the Product Warranty or Supplier’s warranty obligations will become binding only following the execution of a written amendment to this Agreement signed by both Parties. (2 p.) , all claims filed in connection with any Product Warranty are (2 p.) and governed by such Product Warranty.