Test yourself

Read the first of three clauses from the same contract and choose the correct fragment to complete the gaps. TA S12

(1 p.) any Party initiates such an infringement action regarding the Licensed Intellectual Property, the Licensor Developed Intellectual Property, or the Licensee Developed Intellectual Property (the “Initiating Party”), the other Party agrees to (1 p.) and commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with the Initiating Party with respect such infringement action and to assist in enforcement of such intellectual property. If the Initiating Party is required (1 p.) or a court or other government agency to join the other Party as a party plaintiff in order to bring such infringement action, the other Party agrees to join such action at the Initiating Party’s expense. (1 p.) to by the Parties as part of a cost-sharing arrangement, any damages or other recovery realized as a result of such action, (1 p.) expenses and costs incurred by the Initiating Party for such action, shall be retained by the Initiating Party.