Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the correct word.
employed; resolve; solicitor; settle; lawyer; act; litigation; judge; training; plead; qualify; solicitor; chambers; audience; advocacy; attorney; firm;

1.  If you are charged with breaking the law, you will need to get a (1 p.) .

2.  A (1 p.) can draw up your will.

3.  A barrister is a lawyer in Britain who can (1 p.) cases in the higher courts.

4.  An (1 p.) is a lawyer in the USA who represents clients and speaks in court.

5.  Would you like to set up your own law (1 p.) when you (1 p.) as a lawyer?

6.  Most barristers are self- (1 p.) , and work from (1 p.) .

7.  Sometimes solicitors should not (1 p.) for a client, e.g. when they can misuse confidential information.

8.  (1 p.) is a skill of speaking and persuading the court to decide in favour of your client.

9.  A right of (1 p.) is right of a lawyer to appear and conduct proceedings in court on behalf of their client.

10.  The parties tried to (1 p.) the dispute amicably to avoid costly (1 p.) .

11.  In Poland you need to do legal (1 p.) if you want to practise as a lawyer.

12.  In court the (1 p.) decides how criminals should be punished.