Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the missing words. Write a verb, a phrasal verb or a preposition.

1.  The committee has (1 p.) a meeting to discuss the president's death.

2.  The chairman (1 p.) the meeting open.

3.  I've got to (1 p.) (preside over) a meeting tomorrow.

4.  I’ll raise the matter (1 p.) the next meeting.

5.  She said that Mr Coleby was (1 p.) a meeting.

6.  The meetings are usually (1 p.) on a Friday.

7.  All staff members are expected to (1 p.) the meeting.

8.  The board has the power to (1 p.) a general meeting if necessary.

9.  The meeting was (1 p.) (presided over) by Professor Jones of the University of York.

10.  The President couldn’t come so we had (1 p.) the meeting.

11.  If you can’t make it tomorrow, we can (1 p.) the meeting to Monday next week.

12.  The meeting (1 p.) for coffee at eleven.