Test yourself

Read the sentences and decide in which meaning the underlined words term or terms are used: duration, condition(s) or word(s).

1.  The terms (1 p.) of a prenuptial agreement can cover various topics such as property division and spousal support in case of divorce.

2.  In legal proceedings, it's essential to understand the precise terms (1 p.) used in the legal documents to avoid any confusion.

3.  The licensing agreement was for an indefinite term (1 p.) , but either party could terminate the agreement with prior notice.

4.  The contract between the two companies outlined the terms (1 p.) for termination of the agreement, including notice periods and compensation.

5.  The investor agreed to a long- term (1 p.) commitment of five years to support the company's growth plan.

6.  In legal terms, the term (1 p.) "negligence" is used to describe a situation in which one party fails to exercise reasonable care and ends up causing harm to another.

7.  The term (1 p.) of a legal contract may be fixed, meaning that it has a specific start and end date, or indefinite, meaning that the contract will continue until terminated by either party.

8.  The defendant was found guilty of breach of contract due to his failure to comply with the terms (1 p.) specified in the agreement.

9.  The judge instructed the jury to carefully consider the precise terms (1 p.) of art before rendering a verdict.

10.  The terms (1 p.) of probation specified that the defendant must attend regular counseling sessions and refrain from using drugs or alcohol.

11.  The legal term (1 p.) "good faith" refers to the principle of honesty and fairness in legal dealings.

12.  The terms (1 p.) of a plea deal can often be negotiated by the defendant and their attorney to reach a favourable outcome.

13.  The employer must comply with the terms (1 p.) of the labor laws, including providing a safe working environment and fair wages for their employees.

14.  The lease agreement was for a term (1 p.) of one year, with an option to renew for an additional year.

15.  The term (1 p.) of your legal English course is twelve weeks, with two hours of instruction per week.