Test yourself

Read the clause and then write the missing words to fill in the blanks. There are no points awarded for incorrectly spelled or incomplete words. Use of capitals is not important here. Please note that the questions in this section are worth two points each. TA S9

Warranties and Representations.

The Vendor (1 p.) represents and warrants to the Buyer that:

1. The Vendor has the legal authority to (1 p.) into this Agreement and that the Agreement is enforceable against the Vendor in (1 p.) with its terms.

2. The Vendor will (1 p.) all of its obligations under this Agreement in a professional and competent manner, and in (1 p.) with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.

3. The Vendor's products and services will be of the highest quality and free from any defects in materials and workmanship. The Vendor will repair or replace any (1 p.) products or services (1 p.) and at no additional cost to the Buyer.

4. The Vendor has all necessary permits, licenses, and certifications required to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

5. The Vendor has not (1 p.) any rights or licenses to any third party that would (1 p.) with the Buyer's rights under this Agreement.

6. The Vendor will not (1 p.) any confidential information belonging to the Buyer to any third party without the Buyer's prior written (1 p.) .

Breach of any of the above warranties and representations by the Vendor shall entitle the Buyer to terminate this Agreement, seek damages or other remedies available at law or in (1 p.) .

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