Test yourself

Complete the sentences with the words from the list.
intended; extent; extend; effectiveness; effects; extension; intention; affect; intent;

1.  The (1 p.) of an employer's liability for workplace harassment depends on various factors, such as the nature of the harassment and the employer's response.

2.  The (1 p.) of a non-compete agreement may be limited by state law, which sets out rules on the duration and geographic scope of such agreements.

3.  Employers can (1 p.) the duration of a layoff if business conditions warrant it, but they need to comply with applicable laws and notify employees accordingly.

4.  Changes to employment laws can (1 p.) a company's operations, leading to increased compliance costs or other (1 p.) on the business.

5.  The (1 p.) of diversity and inclusion policies depends on various factors, such as the company's culture and leadership commitment.

6.  Employers should make their (1 p.) to comply with employment laws clear to their employees, through training and communication programs, for example.

7.  The (1 p.) behind an employer's action can be a crucial factor in determining whether it constitutes discrimination or retaliation.

8.  The burden of proof in discrimination cases often requires the plaintiff to demonstrate that the employer (1 p.) to discriminate against them.