Test yourself

Complete the sentences with: who, whom, which, whose.

1. The lawyer, (1 p.) was highly experienced in criminal defense cases, successfully defended his client in court.
2. The judge, (1 p.) the prosecution argued had a conflict of interest, recused himself from the trial.
3. The new legislation, (1 p.) was passed last week, imposes stricter penalties for cybercrime offenses.
4. The witness, (1 p.) testimony was crucial to the case, provided compelling evidence that led to the defendant's conviction.
5. The defendant, (1 p.) was wrongly accused, sought the help of a renowned civil rights attorney to fight for justice.
6. The police officer, (1 p.) the suspect had allegedly assaulted, filed a complaint against the individual.
7. The law firm, (1 p.) specializes in intellectual property rights, has a team of highly skilled attorneys.
8. The victim, (1 p.) rights were violated, filed a lawsuit against the company responsible for the negligence.
9. The legislation, (1 p.) aims to protect endangered species, prohibits the hunting of certain animals.
10. The judge, (1 p.) has a reputation for being fair and unbiased, presided over the high-profile trial.