Test yourself

Complete the text with the missing words. The first letter is given as a hint. Write the whole words in the gaps.

I’m Elizabeth. I have an account at the local b (1 p.) of one of the big banks. I have a c (1 p.) account which I use to write cheques, make bill payments, and so on. It’s a j (1 p.) account with my husband. Normally, we’re in the b (1 p.) , but sometimes we spend more money than there is in the account and we go into the red and have an overdraft. We have an o (1 p.) facility – an agreement with the bank to be in this situation as long as the overdraft stays within a certain amount. There are c (1 p.) that are taken from the account if we go o (1 p.) . And of course we pay i (1 p.) on the overdraft. The interest rate is quite high.

I also have a deposit account or s (1 p.) account for keeping money for the longer term. This account pays us interest but not very much, especially after tax!

We have a credit card with the same bank too, plus other cards with other credit card companies. Paying with p (1 p.) is very convenient. But we pay off the total amounts we’ve spent every month, so we don’t pay interest on these, luckily.

‘We also have a m (1 p.) – a loan to buy a house. This is with a type of bank called a building s (1 p.) . Luckily, we were not affected by the credit c (1 p.) , when banks were much more hesitant to lend than before, or negative equity, when house prices fell and left some buyers owing more on their mortgage than their house was worth.