Test yourself

Complete the sentences with the words from the list. These nouns are always plural in legal English.
premises; damages; statements; proceeds; minutes; proceedings; summons; accounts;

1.  In cases of legal disputes, the court may award (1 p.) to compensate the injured party for losses suffered as a result of the wrongful actions of another.

2.  After the productive board meeting, the secretary diligently recorded the key decisions and action items in the meeting (1 p.) for distribution to all attendees.

3.  Search warrants may be issued to law enforcement to enter and search (1 p.) suspected of being involved in criminal activities.

4.  A (1 p.) is a formal document issued by the court to compel an individual's attendance in legal (1 p.) .

5.  When assets are seized as a result of legal actions, the sale of these assets generates (1 p.) that may be used to satisfy outstanding debts or compensate victims.

6.  Small companies can submit abbreviated (1 p.) to Companies House.

7.  The company's financial (1 p.) provided a comprehensive overview of its revenue, expenses, and profitability for the fiscal year.