Test yourself

Insert a, an or 0 if no article is necessary.

1.  (1 p.) person who suffers from (1 p.) claustrophobia has (1 p.) dread of being confined in (1 p.) small space, and would always prefer (1 p.) stairs to (1 p.) lift.
2.  Do you take (1 p.) suger in (1 p.) coffee? ~ I used to, but now I'm on (1 p.) diet. I'm trying to lose (1 p.)
3.  (1 p.) man suffering from (1 p.) shock should not be given anything to drink.
4.  You'll get (1 p.) shock if you touch (1 p.) live wire with that screwdriver. Why don't you get (1 p.) screwdriver with (1 p.) insulated handle?
5.  It costs fifty-five and (1 p.) half pence and I've only got (1 p.) fifty pence piece. ~ You can pay by (1 p.) cheque here. ~ But can I write (1 p.) cheque for (1 p.) fifty-five and (1 p.) half pence?