Test yourself

Complete the sentences by using appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.

1.  If she (act) (1 p.) more reasonably, we (can find) (1 p.) a compromise which suited everyone.

2.  Negotiations generally (work) (1 p.) better if they (be conducted) (1 p.) in less formal surroundings.

3.  I (see) (1 p.) you at the same time next week unless I (hear) (1 p.) from you.

4.  I wish we’d checked his bank references before. If we (have) (1 p.) , we (will not) (1 p.) still be chasing him for payment.

5.  There’s no doubt about it. If I (run) (1 p.) the company, I (make) (1 p.) a lot of changes. But I’m just a messenger boy.