Test yourself

Please complete the sentences. Write only ONE word each time.

1.  People or companies who enter into a contract are know as the (1 p.) to contract.

2.  A(n) (1 p.) contract is as valid as a written one.

3.  When you are over 18 and can enter into a contract, you have (1 p.) to create legal relations.

4.  Sth. of value that is exchanged under a contract is known as (1 p.) .

5.  When you agree to an offer, you (1 p.) it.

6.  A word meaning background or preamble or introduction of a contract is (a) (1 p.) .

7.  A template/model of a contract is known as a (1 p.) .

8.  A legal English word for an attachment to a contract is a (1 p.) .

9.  The provisions which specify the most important things that each party agrees to do (i.e. key obligations)are called (1 p.) provisions.

10.  A synonym for the verb "to write" a contract used by lawyers is "to..." (1 p.)