Test yourself

Complete the sentences with the verbs given using their correct form.

1.  When companies (1 p.) goods in overseas markets, they sell goods at very low prices.

2.  The government has imposed (1 p.) on the export of timber.

3.  (1 p.) industry has to be protected until it stands on its own feet.

4.  (1 p.) is money that is paid by a government or organization to make prices lower, reduce the cost of producing goods etc.

5.  (1 p.) industry is important to the country economy, e.g. steel, power, communications.

6.  What kind of discount can you (1 p.) ?

7.  Countries which truly believe in free trade try to (1 p.) their trade.

8.  The removal of trade (1 p.) made trade between Europeans countries easier.

9.  The principle that the government should allow the economy or private businesses to develop without any state control or influence is known as (1 p.) .

10.  Farming is heavily (1 p.) by the European Union.