Test yourself

Read the text below and complete the gaps with words formed out of the jumbled letters.

The Republic of Poland is SBEAD (1 p.) on the Montesquieu's STRNOAIEPA (1 p.) of powers principle. The legislative power is TDSEVE (1 p.) in the Parliament OOEMPCDS (1 p.) of the lower house 'Sejm' and the RPEUP (1 p.) house 'Senate'. The executive power is vested in the President of Poland and the LOCUNIC (1 p.) of Ministers and the AIUCJILD (1 p.) power is vested in courts and tribunals.

Following the TAITRENVDAIISM (1 p.) reform of 1998, the country is divided into 16 regions/provinces. The provinces are DEIDVID (1 p.) into secondary administrative units – districts/poviats (currently 380), and then further to the basic administrative units – 'communes/gminas (currently 2478). The Republic of Poland is a EREMMB (1 p.) state of the European Union.