Test yourself

Fill in the gaps in the texts below with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Regulations (issue) (1 p.) only by those organs that are expressly (state) (1 p.) in the Constitution. Moreover, regulations have to be (issue) (1 p.) on the basis of specific authorization (contain) (1 p.) in the statute and in the purpose to implement the statute.

The competent organs to (issue) (1 p.) the regulations are the President of Republic of Poland, the Council of Ministers, the National Broadcasting Council (pol. Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i TV), the Chairman of the Committee who is a member of the Council of Ministers, and the minister that (manage) (1 p.) the relevant area of public administration.

Local law

The acts of local law (bind) (1 p.) within territory where the (issue) (1 p.) organ (exercise) (1 p.) its powers. These acts may only be (issue) (1 p.) on the basis provided in the statute and within the limits prescribed in the statute.