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Complete the text with the correct numbers.

Polish Parliament is composed of (1 p.) chambers (pol. Izba): the Sejm and the Senate which exercise (pol. sprawować) the legislative power in the Republic of Poland. The Parliament was unicameral (pol. jednoizbowy) until (1 p.) when after a nationwide referendum, the law was changed and the upper chamber i.e., the Senate, was again re-established (the Parliament was also bicameral (pol. dwuizbowy) before the Second World War).

The Parliament exercises control over the activities of the Council of Ministers within the scope specified by the provisions (pol. postanowienia) of the Constitution and statutes. There are (1 p.) Members of the Sejm.

The Senate shares its legislative function with the Sejm; simultaneously, it is part of the governmental system in Poland. There are (1 p.) Members of the Senate.