Test yourself

Put the CAPITALIZED verbs into Future Perfect or Future Continuous tense.

1.  By 2035 the first man (LAND) (1 p.) on the planet Mars.
2.  In the next 100 years, the Netherlands (DISAPPEAR) (1 p.) under water.
3.  In the fourth decade of the 21st century people (EAT) (1 p.) more genetically modified food.
4.  By 2050 Chinese (BECOME) (1 p.) the language of international scientific communication.
5.  I (SEE) (1 p.) Nick tomorrow, so I can give him your message.
6.  Many people (LIVE) (1 p.) to over 100 as medical science advances.
7.  The taxi is so slow. By the time we get there the meeting (FINISH) (1 p.) .
8.  Sorry, I can’t see you on the 15th – I (PLAY) (1 p.) golf with a client.
9.  What (YOU / LEARN) (1 p.) by the end of the course?
10.  (YOU / USE) (1 p.) the conference room next Tuesday?