Test yourself

Complete the sentences describing the functions and responsibilities of the company bodies in two-tier board/dual board system by using the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

1.  A Dual Board or Two Tier system is a corporate structure system that (1 p.) of two separate Boards of directors that (1 p.) a corporation. (GOVERN, CONSIST)

2.  The Supervisory board is usually (1 p.) by the Shareholders to (1 p.) the CEO. (SUPERVISE, ELECT)

3.  The supervisory board (1 p.) and (1 p.) the management board. (MONITOR, GUIDE)

4.  The Supervisory Board (1 p.) in charge of is the selection, dismissal, and designation of the members in the Management Board. (BE)

5.  The Management board closely (1 p.) with the Supervisory board to (1 p.) the business strategy. (DEVELOP, COOPERATE)

6.  The members of the management board are (1 p.) and (1 p.) by the supervisory board. (APPOINT, DISMISS)

7.  The CEO (1 p.) over the executive/management board. (PRESIDE)

8.  Management Board (1 p.) of inside directors (executive directors). (CONSIST)

9.  Supervisory Board is (1 p.) of outside directors (non-executive directors). (COMPOSE)

10.  The management board (1 p.) the company in and out of court. (REPRESENT)

11.  Management Board’s main responsibility (1 p.) to jointly (1 p.) the business. (RUN, BE)

12.  Annual General Meeting or Supervisory Board (1 p.) Management Board. (ELECT)