Test yourself

Fill in the gaps in the excerpt from a Tenancy Agreement by providing translation of the words in brackets.

1. The Tenant shall pay the Landlord (czynsz) (1 p.) at the appropriate amount in Polish zloty PLN constituting the (równowartość) (1 p.) of the amount in American dollars USD (obliczonej) (1 p.) on the basis of the following rates:

a) … USD for each (kwadratowy) (1 p.) metre of the Premises,
b) … USD for each Parking Place.

2. The above rental rates are (nie zawierają) (1 p.) of tax on goods and services VAT , which shall be added to the rent.

3. For the purposes of converting USD into PLN the average USD exchange rate published by the National Bank of Poland on the date of the Landlord (wystawienia) (1 p.) an invoice shall be (mieć zastosowanie) (1 p.) .

4. The rent shall be paid by the Tenant each month (z góry) (1 p.) within ’ days of receiving an invoice issued by the (Wynajmujący) (1 p.) to account No.: . . managed by ... name, branch and registered office of the bank . The Landlord may change the account where payments should be made. This change shall be (wiążący) (1 p.) for the Tenant from the day following the date on which he received notification (na piśmie) (1 p.) from the Landlord giving the new account where payments are to be made.

5. In the event of a delay by the Tenant in the prompt payment of rent then (ustawowe) (1 p.) (odsetki) (1 p.) shall be added by the Landlord without the need to present the Tenant with an additional notification. (Należne) (1 p.) interest shall be added to the next invoice covering the rent (wystawionej) (1 p.) by the Landlord or shall be paid by the Tenant on the basis of a separate interest note issued by the Landlord.

6. The Tenant (upoważnia) (1 p.) the Landlord to issue invoices covering the rent and any interest for (opóźnienie) (1 p.) in payments without the need for them to be signed by a person authorised to represent the (najemca) (1 p.) .