Test yourself

Fill in the gaps in the Notice of AGM with corrects prepositions.

Notice is hereby given that the Seventh Annual General Meeting (1 p.) the Members of the Company will be held (1 p.) the Registered Office (1 p.) the Company (1 p.) 59 Oxford Street, Oxford, UK (1 p.) Monday, 24th September, 2023 (1 p.) 10.00 hours, (1 p.) transact the following business:


(1 p.) the AGM, you, as a member who is entitled (1 p.) vote (1 p.) the AGM, will be asked (1 p.) consider and if thought fit (1 p.) pass, the following (1 p.) Ordinary Resolutions:

1. (1 p.) consider, approve and adopt the Audited Financial Statements (1 p.) the Company comprising the Balance Sheet (1 p.) (1 p.) March 31, 2023, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement and Notes thereto (1 p.) the financial year ended (1 p.) March 31, 2023 together (1 p.) the Report (1 p.) the Board (1 p.) Directors and Auditors’ thereon.

2. (1 p.) take note (1 p.) the appointment (1 p.) ABC & CO., CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS (FIRM REGISTRATION NUMBER 000862N, who were appointed (1 p.) the Statutory Auditors (1 p.) the Company (1 p.) a period (1 p.) four years (1 p.) the 31st Annual General Meeting (1 p.) the Company held (1 p.) 30th September, 2019, (1 p.) hold their office from the conclusion (1 p.) the 31st Annual General Meeting till the conclusion (1 p.) 35th Annual General Meeting (up to the Financial Year ending 2024).

(1 p.) the order (1 p.) the Board
(John Smith)
(Jenny Brown)
Date: 20th August 2023
Place: ……….