Test yourself

Fill in the missing prepositions.

1.  Solicitors work (1 p.) a legal practice.

2.  Solicitors act (1 p.) clients.

3.  Now barristers can be self-employed and work (1 p.) partnerships.

4.  Solicitors can now appear (1 p.) court.

5.  When you are (1 p.) dispute with another person, you start a claim (1 p.) the civil court.

6.  A claim is served (1 p.) the defendant.

7.  The defendant is served (1 p.) a claim.

8.  Everyone has a civil duty (1 p.) care not to harm other people.

9.  The grounds (1 p.) an action (1 p.) tort are that the defendant committed a tort.

10.  It is (1 p.) the law to discriminate (1 p.) an employee (1 p.) the grounds of age.