Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the missing prepositions. In one gap you can write two prepositions.


9.1 The Supplier indemnifies and releases ABC (1 p.) any claims, loss, damage, cost (including legal costs), expense or liability arising (1 p.) : (a) any breach of any warranty or obligation under this Agreement; (b) any wilful or negligent act or omission (1 p.) the Supplier or any of its officers, employees or, agents (1 p.) relation to the performance of its obligations under this Agreement; and (c) any breach of any third party's rights, including (1 p.) respect of any claim that the Product infringe, or their importation infringes the patent, copyright, design right, trade mark or other intellectual property rights of any other person anywhere (1 p.) the world, except, to the extent caused or contributed to (1 p.) any negligent act or omission of ABC, its officers, employees and agents.