Test yourself

Fill in the gaps in the text below with the missing prepositions.

All limited companies must have articles (1 p.) association. These set the rules company officers must follow when running their companies.
“Model” articles (1 p.) association are the standard default articles a company can use. They are prescribed (1 p.) the Companies Act 2006.
If your company is limited (1 p.) shares and uses model Articles (1 p.) Association you can register online. It costs £12 and can be paid (1 p.) debit or credit card or Paypal account. Your company is usually registered (1 p.) 24 hours.

If you choose not (1 p.) use ‘limited’ in your company name, you must register your company (1 p.) post using form IN01 which comprises a total of eighteen pages (1 p.) a number of continuation sheets.

You can register (1 p.) post using form IN01.
Postal applications take 8 (1 p.) 10 days and cost £40 (paid (1 p.) cheque made out (1 p.) ‘Companies House’).
You can be registered (1 p.) the same day if you:
• get your application (1 p.) Companies House (1 p.) 3pm
• pay £100.