Test yourself

Fill in each gap with one word.

The company's officers
The people formally (1 p.) to run the company are the officers of the company: the company (1 p.) and company secretary.
Private companies must have at least one director, but after 6 April 2008 it is not essential to have a company secretary. If there is only one director, this must be stated in the company's (1 p.) of Association.
Public (1 p.) companies (PLCs) must have at least two directors and a company secretary. The company secretary of a PLC must be formally qualified.
Company directors must be at least 16 years of (1 p.) , although there is no upper age limit.
Every company must have at least one director who is a " (1 p.) person" (pol. osoba fizyczna), i.e. not another company. There is a (1 p.) period (pol. karencja) until 1 October 2010 for any company that only had corporate directors on 8 November 2006.

Can one person form a company?
It's possible for a single person to form a so-called " (1 p.) -member" private company and to be the sole director of this company. If the company decides to have a company (1 p.) , they cannot be the same person as the sole director.