Test yourself

Put the CAPITALISED verbs into the simple present or the present continuous tense.

1.  I'm busy at the moment. I REDECORATE (1 p.) the sitting room.
2.  The kettle BOIL (1 p.) now. Shall I make the tea?
3.  YOU ENJOY (1 p.) yourself or would you like to leave now? - I ENJOY (1 p.) myself very much. I WANT (1 p.) to stay to the end.
4.  How YOU GET (1 p.) to work as a rule? ~ I usually GO (1 p.) by bus but tommorrow I GO (1 p.) int Tom's car.
5.  Why YOU PUT (1 p.) on your coat? ~ I GO (1 p.) for a walk. YOU COME (1 p.) with me?- Yes, I'd love to come. YOU MIND (1 p.) if I bring my dog?
6.  How much YOU OWE (1 p.) him? - I OWE (1 p.) him Ј5. ~ YOU INTEND (1 p.) to pay him?