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Fill in the gaps with the words given below.
separate; hearings; Appeal; disputes; divisions; custody; appealed; hear; intellectual;

Magistrates’ Courts also (1 p.) some of the more straightforward civil cases. ​
However, County Courts deal with the majority of civil cases, apart from the most complicated and the simplest ones.
The High Court most often hears (1 p.) cases from the County Court, as well as providing the first (1 p.) for more complex cases. It consists of three (1 p.) , with a case being heard in one of these: the Chancery Division, the Family Division and the Queen’s Bench Division. ​
The Chancery Division covers all aspects of commercial law, including business disputes, commercial fraud, land, bankruptcy, (1 p.) property and patents. ​
The Family Division deals with all matrimonial matters, covering issues such as adoption, (1 p.) of children, separation and uncontested probate matters. ​
The Queen’s Bench Division is the most complex of the three divisions, consisting of five (1 p.) courts which cover a range of matters from shipping to technology and construction (1 p.) . ​
Cases can be appealed from the High Court to the civil division of the Court of (1 p.) .​