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The Court System Read the text and choose the correct translation of the Polish equivalents given in brackets.
administer; garrison; Supreme; military; regional; cessation; custody; Supreme; district; appeal; statutes; hear;

The Polish legal system is based on the continental legal system and the civil law tradition. The common courts in Poland are the courts of appeal, (1 p.) (okręgowe) courts and (1 p.) (rejonowe) courts. They are competent to (1 p.) (rozstrzygać) criminal law cases, civil law cases, family and (1 p.) (opieka nad dzieckiem) law cases, labour law cases and social insurance cases.
The (1 p.) (wojskowe) courts are the military regional courts and (1 p.) (garnizonowe) courts. They have judiciary control within the Polish Army in criminal cases and other cases that were subscribed to them by relevant (1 p.) (ustawy).
The administrative judiciary belongs to the (1 p.) (Naczelny) Administrative Court. This court has judicial control of public administration and operates through 10 delegated centres of the same Court.

Supreme Court
The (1 p.) (Najwyższy) Court is the highest central judicial organ in the Republic of Poland and thus the highest court of (1 p.) (apelacyjny). The main tasks of the Supreme Court are to (1 p.) (wymierzać) justice in Poland, together with the common, administrative and military courts, to consider (1 p.) (kasacja) as a form of extraordinary appeal and to adopt law interpreting resolutions.