Test yourself

Put the CAPITALISED verbs into the simple present or the present continuous tense.

1.  YOU BELONG (1 p.) to your local library? - Yes, I do. - YOU READ (1 p.) a lot? - Yes, quite a lot. - How often YOU CHANGE (1 p.) I CHANGE (1 p.) one every day.
2.  Mary usually LEARN (1 p.) languages very quickly but she NOT SEEM (1 p.) able to learn modern Greek.
3.  I ALWAYS BUY (1 p.) lottery tickets but I never WIN (1 p.) anything.
4.  YOU LIKE (1 p.) this necklace? I GIVE (1 p.) it to my daughter for her birthday tomorrow.
5.  I won't tell you my secret unless you PROMISE (1 p.) not to tell anyone. - I PROMISE (1 p.)
6.  YOU ALWAYS WRITE (1 p.) with your left hand?