Test yourself

Complete the sentences with the correct word.

1.  The lawyer for a US citizen on trial in the United Arab Emirates says his client’s testimony was given under (1 p.) , since he was tortured.

2.  The head of the health service in Scotland has admitted that significant (1 p.) were made in drawing up the new contract for NHS consultants.

3.  The new leader of Britain’s chief architectural body has accused the Prince of Wales of abusing his position to influence planning decisions and exerting (1 p.) on the planning process to oppose modern designs in favour of his preferred brand of classicism.

4.  If a management contract is not approved by the National Commission, it is (1 p.) .

5.  Californian judges have ruled that a contract written in blood is not legally (1 p.) .

6.  A contract between a minor and another party is generally viewed as (1 p.) by the minor.