Test yourself

Read the descriptions of certain examples of recent discrimination cases. Use the words in brackets in the correct form. Later discuss on what grounds the claims could have been made. (all descriptions come from: www.emplaw.co.uk)

1.  Ms Sarah Smith after having her fourth child she asked for a computer to (install) (1 p.) at her home so that she could do more of her work from home and to have flexible working hours so that she could have more contact with her children. Her requests (refuse) (1 p.) .

2.  Adam Michael applied for a job with British Fruit but (not shortlist) (1 p.) and (complain) (1 p.) to an employment tribunal that this was because he was of black Caribbean origin.

3.  John Brown (refuse) (1 p.) a job in a coffee shop in the Waitrose store in Gillingham, Dorset, because of his beard. Paul Clarkson (dismiss) (1 p.) by his employers because he (grow) (1 p.) and (refuse) (1 p.) to cut a pony tail in contravention of his agreement to abide by the company's dress code.

4.  Mrs Diane Knight (claim) (1 p.) she "almost" had a miscarriage as a result of (bully) (1 p.) by her boss Michael Hymes at American Express.

5.  Judy Hawk (wear) (1 p.) a trouser suit at her new job as a training manager with the Professional Golf Association. This (not allow) (1 p.) by their dress code which (require) (1 p.) women to wear skirts or dresses.

6.  Maria King, a senior lawyer in the Crown Prosecution Service with 12 years' service, (win) (1 p.) a claim against the CPS on the basis that her male former superior repeatedly (fail) (1 p.) to promote her after she (achieve) (1 p.) the required performance targets while white lawyers (promote) (1 p.) to management levels.

7.  A female employed solicitor named Harriet Parker, who was pregnant, (dismiss) (1 p.) for misconduct. She had to (have) (1 p.) her baby (induce) (1 p.) at 23 weeks. The baby, Maria, was born alive but (die) (1 p.) soon afterwards as a result of being premature.