Test yourself

Complete the text with the correct forms of the CAPITALIZED words.

Being made redundant

REDUNDANT (1 p.) is a form of DISMISS (1 p.) from the job, caused by the employer who needs to reduce the workforce for various reasons, e.g. implementing new system or technology which makes some jobs NEED (1 p.) , the need to cut costs or closing down the business.
If the employer is making 20 or more EMPLOY (1 p.) redundant in one establishment within a 90-day period, this is a COLLECT (1 p.) redundancy. If the employer is thinking about making collective REDUNDANT (1 p.) , they have a duty to consult with the REPRESENT (1 p.) of the employees’ trade UNITE (1 p.) . If the employer fails to consult the representatives then a claim may be made to an Employment TRIBUNE (1 p.) for a PROTECT (1 p.) award (a monetary award of up to 90 days’ pay).