Test yourself

Fill in the gaps with the missing words. Write one word in each gap.

Dismissal is when the employer ends the employee’s employment. This could happen in several ways, including:

• the employer (1 p.) the employee’s employment, with or without notice ​
• the employer constructively dismisses the employee by (1 p.) the employment contract so badly that the employee is forced to leave ​
• fixed- (1 p.) contract is not renewed.​

A contract of employment is a legally (1 p.) agreement between the employee and the employer. A breach of contract happens when either one of the parties breaks one of the (1 p.) (for example, if the employer doesn't pay the employee wages, or the employee doesn’t work the agreed hours). If you do decide to take legal (1 p.) , it can either be through an Employment (1 p.) , which is usually cheaper and quicker, or through a civil court.​

If the employee breaches the contract, the employer should try to settle the matter with the employee informally. If the employer suffers a financial loss because of the breach, they could make a complaint for (1 p.) against the employee.​

The most common breaches of contract by an employee are when they quit without giving proper (1 p.) , or when they go to work for a (1 p.) when their contract doesn't allow it.​